Chan Pern Poh

Chan Pern Poh


Hi! I’m Anima! I’m from Johor, Malaysia,
I’m a boy with girl’s looks and voice!
I like being pretty! And I love making videos and stuffs
I’m a YouTuber and Lounge Bar Singer,
I start running my YouTube at about 4 years ago and I neglect it until last year
I restart it and it is going very well, I wish to become a Full time YouTuber,
I love to share my life, my thoughts, my idea, and all I experience to everyone,
I want to be someone’s good influence, to make people confident,
To be proud of himself or herself, to stand out and fight for the unfair. 
I graduated from Taiwan and I studied Fashion Design,
My audiences are usually Taiwanese and Chinese,
I didn’t continue to be a fashion worker, because I found it very tired,
Maybe just because I don’t have the patience to making clothes (sweat)
I’m not a professional makeup artist; I do makeup just for FUN!
I love singing and try something interesting, making weird things 
Just be myself :)

The theme of my makeup is Spirit Bird of Minerva,
Owl as known as bird of Minerva, and Minerva is the Goddess of Wisdom,
I think owl is a mystical and magical creature which soar at night,
And it’s colors are very mid-eastern, 
perfect creature to represent magical and mystical!

I’m so surprise that I made it to NYX FACE AWARDS MALAYSIA 2017 TOP 30!
Thanks NYX MY for choosing me as one of your TOP 30 contestant,
And the TOP 30 rewards are AWESOMELY CRAZY, you guys are so generous!


Arabian Nights-Spirit Bird of Minerva
| Dreaming in candy-Exile Prince Candy|TOP 15 NYX FACE AWARDS MY 2017|Anima
NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP FACEAwardsMY 2017 TOP 6|Royalty - Half Demon God of Time|王權 - 時間之半神魔女|
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